Fastener manufacturer increases 20% sales using eMail Marketing

Getting new potential customers with minimum marketing cost is a challenging task, marketing budgets are under pressure as never before and marketing team are required  to do more sales with limited budget allocated.

We have seen how digital marketing helps Business to get new potential leads, it all started way back in 2014 with basic email marketing and moved up with time to search engine marketing and social media, every small or big business are on the band wagon trying to take advantage of this digital wave, during all this technological leap email marketing was left back as it required lot of manual effort from creating email database to sending bulk email, the other digital marketing strategy was found easier.  Today there is so much noise in the digital space that search engine marketing and social media channels are not able to draw adequate attention for potential new customers.

One of our client who is a manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners catering to various engineering application catering to various industry verticals was heavily dependent on digital marketing channels, since early 2018 they noticed reduction in ROI and the SEO & SEM marketing practice  was not justifiable and they were not able to get adequate new customer leads, they decided to go back in time to the very first invented way to communicate on the internet world, “ the eMail”. 

In order to begin from starch, it was important for them to built targeted potential customer list and filter out people who were in area of procurement, engineering or people who would be able to influence product selection or buying decision, their internal team used LinkedIn to connect and could build list of email address to which they wanted to communicate, it did took 1-2 months but they landed with 6500 potential connect which they believe could be their customers. 

They signed up for EZReachOut email marketing and sales phone call conversation management tool, imported contact list and began sending marketing emails with technical or pricing information twice a month,  based on readability matrix they could track who read their mails  the tool elevated such potential leads, after which their marketing team started an outreach campaign calling all potential contact and engaged them into conversation, the potential contact they called were quick to connect as they had read their emails and were aware with their product range.  Some started asking for samples, references and started having meaningful sales conversation.  In no time their sales started to zoom up by around 20% increase in new customer orders.  EZReachOut tool allows marketing team to log on sales conversation which they have made over phone, you can set follow-up call reminders.  Centralizing marketing conversation allowed improved follow-up conversation and engagement, at the same time new employee in the marketing team could easily follow communication what their predecessors had with potential contacts.

Here we would share four tips for Business who are finding difficult to built marketing email list -

1) Collect email on Excel sheet from all the sales leads you have received in the past.

2) Ask existing customers for new potential customer referrals

3) Set contact form at your website to gather email address

4) There are specialized agencies which can built a customized email marketing list along with Phone numbers based on your target industry.

It is important for eMail marketing teams to know that they should not SPAM the readers, qualify your email list before sending so you don’t send email to irrelevant readers.  Enable "unsubscribe" option in your marketing email, EZReachOut offers simple unsubscribe code to be added in the eMail foot note.  Automated sales funnel will identify potential leads which you should call them to take sales conversation forward.

Some of the Business use eMail marketing for branding while some are looking for quick sales leads, keep sending valuable information around your business or product to keep the readers hooked, so when the need comes for your product or service they know whom to call.  

Smart Automated eMail marketing features allows users to setup campaign in few minutes, the cost of sending email is low, by integrating  EZReachOut to Amazon SES credentials will let you send email faster and reliable, AWS SES allows users to send 62,000 emails free per month and after that charges a low fee for $0.10 per 1000 email sent, another advantage for using Amazon SES is it allows your email to be delivered faster and the cloud infrastructure is trusted by most of the fire walls, the reachability rate is much higher.