What Neuroscientist say about eMail Marketing

When you are out to send marketing emails to potential list of customers you built, it is very important to understand how the Brain responds to an marketing message, neuroscientist have done great research at University of Greifswald in Germany and found if you peer inside heads of customer reading your email some striking mechanism works while brain churns your information.

Knowing what to write in your first or subsequent email will either built a trust or the reader will opt out of your email list by clicking "unsubscribe".  Neuroscientist used fMRI scanners to track how the brain reacts to multiple messages.

The subjects were made to read email under scanner observation and the data was recorded for later interpretation on how their brain responded with different messages, here are few striking observations noticed, email's which had well written short subject lines which were unique got opened first.  How you address (Example Hi, Hello, Dear Sir) gives an impression that which part of the world you are.

It is important for email marketers to know that don't create a marketing pitch email on the first outreach communication with potential customers, no matter even if you know that your products would benefit them if they use it.   Send information and messages which would educate the reader, allowing him to have questions on the limited piece of information you shared, this will trigger certain parts of brain function which are responsible for curiosity and learning.

Using photo’s and info-graphics gets maximum attention if they are well documented, the visual learning mechanism of the brain is triggered as well, adding short well produced video also works well.  Typically use email which is short around 100-150 words works the best, frame your content such that the readers would have follow-up questions this is the way you can start engaging in communication.

Sending News letter with similar outline as mentioned above works well, but plain text personalized messages does the most miracle for email marketers, also share your contact details with your business web URL, finally you should note that you are not bugging them every week, send them 2 or 3 personalized emails each month, during the research it was noted people normally responded on second or third email or follow-up, sending one news letter per month was taken by readers as okay.

Business who use email marketing program in line with how people think and behave get most customer conversion rate, rather than people who are spamming with sales pitches or poorly written email communication.