How to make eMail marketing & cold sales call more effective

Business today spend thousands of marketing dollars on Bulk email marketing, most of the business struggle in generating return on investment and thus believe that eMail marketing  is not suitable for their business, but this statement is not true it is important to understand eMail marketing before you consider integral part of your marketing strategy, some companies outsource this bulk eMail marketing to digital agencies due to current complexities to conduct such campaign, EZReachout has simplified outbound eMail marketing plus you get our phone call management software, integrating this two features improves engagement with potential customer list.

Your first step should be to build quality engaging and educative content on your product or service which you would communicate to potential eMail list of targeted customers, don’t send marketing type material like price offer, discount etc... normally such emails are not well read and don’t trigger engagement behaviour.

Second most important step is to build a valid email list based of readers whom you believe would be looking or using your product, it doesn’t make sense to promote engineering tool kit to an artist.  So don’t buy random email list, there are email database available relevant to your industry or some agencies can built email list based on your target like job profile, industry, location, etc..., getting such targeted list create higher and faster customer conversion rate.

Plan your email campaign such that the receiver should not feel it’s SPAMING and choose to “unsubscribe” ideally share something which is interesting and your reach out frequency should not be more than twice a month. We strongly advise while sending your campaign don’t use third party email address, sending outbound marketing email from your own business URL ID is more likely to be read as it will cross through eMail filters compared to any randomly picked email, and best SMTP email is provided by Amazon SES which can be integrated to EZRechout software, our team can also help you to get started.

At EZReachOut you can track all parameters like open rate, click rate, bounce rate.  Our smart intelligent eMail analytics allows you to identify and filter potential engaging email readers, these are ripe potential opportunity which you can call to discuss further and convert into valued customers.  Your marketing team can log entire phone conversation at EZReachOut, which means that you have phone call discussion record and email conversation on single platform, this information comes handy across existing and new marketing employee and becomes easy to take the conversation forward with you potential email list.