Marketing in 2019 : sophisticated eMail communication

The world of marketing is undergoing enormous shift, everyday hundreds of company struggle to reach potential customers online using multiple channels. Companies are engaging digital marketing consultants by relentless effort in outbound marketing cost reduction, reduce customer acquisition time all this with simple and easy to use online tools.

Online migration is forever altering the way we advertise, engage with customers and the way we communicate, traditional mass media marketing is slowly giving way to direct online marketing while other channels are slowly fading away. Underlying and interwoven with these tectonic shifts is the original communication application the eMail.  There is no single better example than email to highlight how the world of marketing and customer education is being changed.

Companies believe eMail marketing has failed, but that's not true yes it has failed for certain marketing professionals who don’t understand how to communicate legitimately with, the approaches that do work aren't complex but require communication and engaging skills, to succeed in the new world of eMail marketing you need to move away from old assumptions and adopt a brand new way of thing.

In today’s digital age sophistication goes beyond just blasting email and even beyond selecting a large email list, one has to have relevant list to the highest possible degree, using dynamic content along with deep data analytics.  These approaches combine the best of personalization and targeting, plus they add in the dimension of time to improve relevancy, treat each outgoing message as unique and each recipient as an individual.

Customer communication management theory states "He who has not first laid his foundation may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to architect and danger to the building. Customer communication Management is an idea and strategy which address this paradox.