Deploy eMail strategies to improve your conversion rate

Have you ever sent cold eMail which did not get any response? or the eMail receiver did not open it and just got deleted?

Then you need to seriously work on writing effective eMail campaigns, eMail marketing is one of the effective channels to communicate to mass audience at one go if used properly, but most of the emails reach junk email box due to AI driven spam filters deployed by major big corporation. Year-on-Year eMail open rates have gone up current rate is around 4% which might sound very less but from cold eMail marketing point of view this is a great conversion rate.  If you compare against PPC click through rate were average CTR stands around 2.5% after spending thousands of dollar on paid advertisement.

From 4% average eMail open rate, engagement or conversion rate stands less than 0.90% its mainly due to the way content is communicated by marketers, typically we have seen that eMail marketers who use simple text mail to communicate have higher conversion rates compared to the ones who use lot of graphics during eMail communication. I will show you few tips by which you can improve your eMail conversion rate and get better ROI.

Write eye catching subject line

Keep it short and unique,  should trigger interest among recipient to read full email content , don’t use any subject like : Great Deals/Fire Sale/Best Offer, such subjects are immediately flagged by the reader.

Keep core eMail message focused

What message you write in the email should be mot more than 200 words, your writing tone should be asking few things so you can start engaging with reader, generate his curiosity on who you are and why you are asking this questions.  Keep the font and text simple and readable, don’t share any quotes as readers might not agree.

Avoid any type of attachments

People try to attaching catalog or price list files when they are reaching out first time to any potential customer, keep your email light as heavy emails take time to download, don’t bombard with too much information on your first connect, sharing short meaningful video presentation link is a good idea.

Identify yourself clearly

When recipient get unexpected email in the mail box, they are bid curious on who you are and if you don’t share your complete company name, contact information they might not trust and simply delete your eMail.

Show Respect

Greet people based on region, in USA greeting by Hi + First name is fine, but in Europe it would be more acceptable if you greet with Dear Mr. or Ms. +Last name,  In Asia Dear Sir or Madam is widely used while sending cold eMails, Hello is rude way to greet in some parts of the world, select how to greet based on your target geography of the eMail list.  Some marketers schedule their eMail so as receiver gets during 2nd half of the day as people trend to be less busy and have time to read.

Proof read your eMail twice

It is important what you have written makes sense you stand by with it, so read your email twice, specifically check for spelling errors and broken sentence before you approve sending.

Respond promptly

If the email recipient responds to your cold email marketing campaign, be quick to answer back and reply up to the point; ask for permission if you can call to take your sales conversation forward.


No eMail marketer is perfect you to learn and unlearn things and find better ways to communicate, today B2B eMail marketing is on rise as blogs and other digital media is getting crowded and business are finding difficult to convey their message, direct eMail marketing is helping companies to connect potential customers and engage with minimum marketing cost.  It is very important that Business built quality eMail marketing list rather than buying eMail contact sometimes they have no relevance to your business, building an verified eMail list is expensive and time taking but this is who your potential customers are end of the day to whom you should communicate.