Automate outbound marketing to improve customer conversion

In the fast moving digital age Business believe that inbound marketing will help them to increase sales, thus spend huge money on content marketing, search engine marketing and paid advertisement. There are several digital channels which requires thousands of dollar spending to make your voice heard, even with this spending the sales conversion rate is very low, this is due to lot of marketing noise generated by advertisers has made target audience content blind.

Outbound marketing effort encompass of phone call and email marketing, smart Business are exploring outbound marketing channels to optimum advantage, for certain B2B business this is doing miracles they are able to push their message to targeted audience with high speed and trace and track capability.

The first thing the marketing team does is compile list of potential or targeted customers, after which compiling list of email of decision makers to whom they want their marketing message to reachout, after which it is important to create message which you want readers to read typically companies use knowledge base content rather than marketing pitch, once you use Bulk email to reach out these potential customers you can trace and track reader behavior at EZReachOut and once you have noticed that the readers has read your email, downloaded your catalog or visited your website without unsubscribing that shows that he would be interested to continue receiving knowledge driven content, you can continue sending couple of email messages after which you can call targeted readers based on email engagement behavior.   

Marketing teams who would call these potential leads can log their communication on EZReachOut tool which can be trace and tracked to see how the interaction has been going, you can also set follow-up phone call reminders.

Combining Phone call management and Bulk eMail marketing function on to single easy to use web base platform allows companies to improve outbound marketing activities and have faster customer conversion rates.