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Fastener manufacturer increases 20% sales using eMail Marketing

Getting new potential customers with minimum marketing cost is a challenging task, marketing budgets are under pressure as never before and marketing team are required  to do more sales with limited budget allocated. We have seen how digital marketing helps Business to get new potential leads, it all started way back in 2014 with basic email marketing and moved up with time to s...Read More

Deploy eMail strategies to improve your conversion rate

Have you ever sent cold eMail which did not get any response? or the eMail receiver did not open it and just got deleted? Then you need to seriously work on writing effective eMail campaigns, eMail marketing is one of the effective channels to communicate to mass audience at one go if used properly, but most of the emails reach junk email box due to AI driven spam filters deployed by...Read More

What Neuroscientist say about eMail Marketing

When you are out to send marketing emails to potential list of customers you built, it is very important to understand how the Brain responds to an marketing message, neuroscientist have done great research at University of Greifswald in Germany and found if you peer inside heads of customer reading your email some striking mechanism works while brain churns your information. Knowing...Read More

Marketing in 2019 : sophisticated eMail communication

The world of marketing is undergoing enormous shift, everyday hundreds of company struggle to reach potential customers online using multiple channels. Companies are engaging digital marketing consultants by relentless effort in outbound marketing cost reduction, reduce customer acquisition time all this with simple and easy to use online tools. Online migration is forever altering t...Read More

How to make eMail marketing & cold sales call more effective

Business today spend thousands of marketing dollars on Bulk email marketing, most of the business struggle in generating return on investment and thus believe that eMail marketing  is not suitable for their business, but this statement is not true it is important to understand eMail marketing before you consider integral part of your marketing strategy, some companies outsource thi...Read More

Automate outbound marketing to improve customer conversion

In the fast moving digital age Business believe that inbound marketing will help them to increase sales, thus spend huge money on content marketing, search engine marketing and paid advertisement. There are several digital channels which requires thousands of dollar spending to make your voice heard, even with this spending the sales conversion rate is very low, this is due to lot of ma...Read More


eMail Marketing + Sales Call Management Software hosted in the cloud (SaaS Model)

EZReachOut Combines email marketing campaign with Sales Call data, allowing you to drive meaningful marketing analytics and insights for faster customer conversion, just add your Amazon SES email credential to get started in minutes with your personalized email campaigns.

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